Funk’s Mill

In 1725 Heinrich and Anne Funck built a flour mill along Indian Creek, in what is today Telford, Pennsylvania.  The old mill remains and is located on Mill Road in Telford, Montgomery County, Pa.  Heinrich and Anne raised a large family and one of their grandsons, Joseph Funk, eventually set up a print shop in Singers Glen, Virginia, to print song books and other materials.  Heinrich Funck was a force behind getting the Martyrs Mirror printed in German in the New World.



Liberty Bell

A quote from the Old Testament book of Leviticus 25:10, “Proclaim Liberty,” appears cast on the side of the famous Philadelphia icon.  Located in Independence Mall, the bell stands as a symbol of independent America, which announced its separation from Britain in 1776.  The historian waited in line with hundreds of others to see the famous bell in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the city where the Yoders arrived in 1742.