I Owe the Lord a Morning Song

Yesterday we sang Amos Herr’s wonderful hymn that gives praise to God for another day. Written in 1890, editors of the 1902 Church and Sunday School Hymnal used the song, and many major hymnals since have included the song.

I try to arrive at my desk each morning in time to see the sun peek up over the Massanutten Mountain, which I can see from my second-floor study. The sun gives me courage and hope for the new day, for which I give thanks again. It is in mercy that God has lengthened my days.

In the second verse, Amos Herr penned a prayer that God’s Spirit, as the light, directs us in his way. In the third verse, the lyrics invite God to lead in doing His will.

A quartet sang this song in church for us during covid. The beauty of the harmonies, the strong lyrics, and the message in this song makes it a favorite for many. Each new morning, I owe the Lord a morning song.