Historians Collaborate in Phoenix, Arizona


Historians met at Mennonite Church USA Convention in Phoenix Arizona.  It’s clear there’s a new era of regional collaboration among Mennonite historians rather than the former centralization of historical resources in one place.  The Historian sat next to Jake Buhler, President of the Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan, Canada.  He shared stories about Russian Mennonites and in turn he heard stories of Swiss-South German Mennonites in Virginia.  Buhler and others publish the Saskatchewan Mennonite Historian periodical, similar in name and format to the Shenandoah Mennonite Historian of Virginia.

Mennonites in Phoenix


Mennonites met in Phoenix, Arizona, in early July, 2013, for their biennial convention.  A sign at a Vietnamese restaurant welcomed visitors from Virginia and beyond to good food, friendly greetings, and sweltering heat in the downtown area.  The Historian has several meetings focused on historical studies to attend at the convention.