Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

The history teacher recently took fifty-five students to Charlottesville, Virginia, to take a one hour tour of the distinguished University of Virginia, and then a three hour tour of the outstanding mansion and grounds of Jefferson at Monticello.  The students were challenged by Jefferson’s vision for America, his determination to stand for religious freedom, and his inventive genius.


Magna Carta

The 800 year old Magna Carta was on display in the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., on December 20, 2014, when the historian and family was privileged to see the historic document.  When the nobles insisted on a few basic rights in the face of King John’s tyranny, in 1215, they set a course of representative government in the western world that paved the way for other historic documents of democracy.


Sermons from Barns

On October 2, 2014, the historian gave a lecture entitled “Sermons from Barns,” at the Lake Township Historical Society, Ohio.  The Society members met in the Richard Werstler barn in North Canton, Ohio.  The President of the Society asked to view Elmer S. Yoder’s 230 slides on barns taken over a thirty year span, which Elmer’s son gladly obliged.  This is the barn where several hundred folks from northeast Ohio came to view the slide lecture.

Lake Township Historical Society Sermons from Barns October 2, 2014 Richard Werstler Barn North Canton Ohio

Sesquicentennial of Valley Burning 1864

Recently the Historian visited the site where Northern Officer John Meigs died during the Civil War.  His death nearly caused the burning of Dayton, but it did result in many barns and other structures being burned by Union troops in the surrounding area.  Meigs’ marker is one evidence that remains of the terrible burnning of over 400 barns, over 30 mills and around 30 houses by Union forces during the Valley Campaign of 1864, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

John Meigs Marker Dayton Virginia

Funk’s Mill

In 1725 Heinrich and Anne Funck built a flour mill along Indian Creek, in what is today Telford, Pennsylvania.  The old mill remains and is located on Mill Road in Telford, Montgomery County, Pa.  Heinrich and Anne raised a large family and one of their grandsons, Joseph Funk, eventually set up a print shop in Singers Glen, Virginia, to print song books and other materials.  Heinrich Funck was a force behind getting the Martyrs Mirror printed in German in the New World.



Liberty Bell

A quote from the Old Testament book of Leviticus 25:10, “Proclaim Liberty,” appears cast on the side of the famous Philadelphia icon.  Located in Independence Mall, the bell stands as a symbol of independent America, which announced its separation from Britain in 1776.  The historian waited in line with hundreds of others to see the famous bell in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the city where the Yoders arrived in 1742.


Columbus Circle Globe New York

A silver globe towers over the north side of Columbus Circle, Manhattan Island, New York City.  Columbus Circle, on the southwest corner of Central Park and located along the famous Broadway avenue in New York, is the reference point from which all official distances from New York are measured.  The controversy over Columbus’ legacy notwithstanding, the journeys of Columbus across the Atlantic in the 15th century became a reference point for the modern era.


Lincoln at Union Square New York City

An effigy of President Lincoln presides over the busy Union Square on Manhattan Island, New York City.  Union Square appropriately hosts the 16th president, watching over a bi-weekly farmer’s market, artists, protesters, and youth on skateboards.  A Virginia historian recognizes his legacy in terms of the Shenandoah Valley Burning in 1864, but nevertheless Lincoln kept the Union together, for which we are grateful.


Virginia Tech Burruss Hall

Burruss Hall at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, was the site for a recent family graduation from medical school.  The storied Hall holds up to 3000 people, and on this day for the Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine 2014 graduation, it was full.  Virgina Polytechnic Institute and State University is an outstanding institution of higher learning in southern Virginia.


Visit to Hesston College

During a family walk through the historic campus of Hesston College, established in 1909 on the plains of Kansas, a former high school history student was sitting on the lawn making a call home to Virginia.  Hesston College continues to serve the Mennonite Church as an institution of higher learning in an outstanding manner.  The historian was pleased to make another visit to the two-year college.